From homelessness, rape, domestic violence, prostitution, crack and PCP addiction,  to business steward, describes the profound story of one of W.O.N.’s workshops facilitator Jacqueline Younger every 2nd & 4th Saturday. She has spent years and countless hours volunteering, working, speaking and pouring into the lives of downtrodden individuals and the organizations that serve them. Her dedication and can do spirit is a definite asset to any organization, team or cause. Jacqueline  was recognized as one of the DMV 100 Metro Phenomenal Women 2015 “for her creative vision and exploration of ways to make a difference within the DC metro area”. Jacqueline knows that she is the branch and that God is the vine….and without Him she can do nothing.

Jacqueline Younger
Diane Carter-Bryant

Years of drug addiction was the root cause in Diane Carter-Bryant's years of incarceration.  Prison became a place of healing for the mind body and soul of a woman that was trapped in her own misery and hatred for a life she was to weak to crawl, walk or run from. During one of Diane’s many jail terms she had a spiritual awakening and she knew she could not remain in the misery she had created for herself any longer.

While in prison Diane acquired her GED. She later took her education to an even higher level and obtained her Bachelors degree at the University of the District of Columbia. She is employed at the Community Family Life Services in Washington DC as a case manager and also works for the Coalition for the Homeless. She  has received various awards and letters of recognition from Community Based Organizations as well as Fraternity Organizations for her work in the community.

Diane will never forget all that God has done for her and how someone was there to help her. She is now helping the women of W.O.N as one of the facilitators every 1st & 3rd Saturday during our workshops. 

Bessie Jordan

Bessie knows what it is like to be homeless with a child and experience domestic violence by way of verbal and physical abuse from her husband. While homeless with her child she was rescued from the streets and given a place to stay. Being abused by her husband drove her to God and she never looked back. 

Today she is taking what Satan meant for evil and allowing God to get glory from all that she has been through. Bessie is a mentor with W.O.N., decorator, and cook. She 
thanks God all morning, all day and all evening for what H has done in her life and how He is using her in the lives of our W.O.N. sisters.

Bessie believes that God owes her nothing, yet she owes Him everything.

Valerie Taylor

God changed my life and is using me to make sure other women's lives are changed as well. I can identify with the struggles and challenges that the participants of W.O.N. have endured. For so long, I was in a lifestyle that was not equal to my heart's desires. I thank God for setting me free and allowing me to give back in such a way that women are overcoming some of sameEach Saturday, God uses me to pick up and drop off women 

 struggles that once plagued me.
whoattend the W.O.N. workshops, from various local halfway houses, homeless shelters and other places. The joy and fulfillment I experience when providing their transportation is priceless.

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"I was just released from prison and was residing at a halfway house in Washington, D.C. I really was not sure of what to do.  Diane Carter - Bryant (one of W.O.N.'s  facilitators) had visited the halfway house and invited myself and other women to the launching of W.O.N. This day I will never forget. It changed my life forever. Prior to the launching I was worrying about my grand daughter and while the guest speaker (Jacqueline Younger) was preaching she looked at me and said "the baby will be fine" it was as if she had read my mind. That day I knew that God had led me to W.O.N. therefore I came aboard. For the first time in my life I had direction and purpose. I would not only attend the workshops every Saturday, but I joined the church as well. Good Success Christian Church & Ministries became my family and fed me the word of God. Hearing the testimonies from the core group of W.O.N. just amazed me. They certainly have given me hope like never before. W.O.N. along with my new church family allowed me to overcome issues that haunted me for many years. I thank W.O.N. for me becoming God loving, strong, beautiful and knowing my dependence is in God. I am now a woman I am proud to be. I have been released from the halfway house and am back home in Alderson, West  VA.  I am looking forward to returning the the Metropolitan area and continuing being a part of W.O.N."


                                                           -Patty Hunt


"April 2016 I was released from jail and entered a halfway house in Washington DC. Because of the crime that I committed, I became depressed to the point of contemplating suicide. I knew then that I needed help in developing some sense of peace. I turned my attention to God. Going to Bible Studies and a Coping Skills program allowed me to begin to believe that there would be a way out.

In June of 
2016, I had my first job and found that way out by becoming a participant of W.O.N.and attending Good Success Christian Church & Ministries. As I entered the church I felt this warm spirit all over the room. I felt welcomed and at peace. I still had to attend court and was on house arrest. Pastors Bill and Michele Bennett wrote a letter of support to the judge on my behalf. Attending the W.O.N. workshops was like being at a sleepover, where I could share with women that I knew for sure cared. It changed my life."


                                              -Stella McFadden