The Visionary - Dr. Michele Bennett

W.O.N. had been brewing in my heart for a long time and then I had a suddenly, impressionable experience with God that was the “Tipping Point” that led to the birth of W.O.N. It occurred in January 2015, when a member of our Good Success Christian Church & Ministries family, Sis. Ginda Randall’s husband unexpectedly transitioned to be with the Lord, one morning in the upper level of our Church.

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Ginda and her husband had struggled with alcoholism for many years, but both of them were part of our church family. Ginda made a decision for a change in her life at the inception of January 2015.  She and her husband were staying upstairs in the church for a few days until the details of their new residence was finalized.  But before that could take place her husband went home to be with the Lord in her arms at the Church. 

Ginda was so distraught and because she was in a battle with the spirit of alcoholism, I decided to take her to my home. All I could think of was how the devil desired to sift her as wheat if she were to go through this on her own. Ginda stayed with us for two weeks and during that time we talked many hours each day, we prayed and read the Bible to encourage Ginda in the Lord.  Even though she was going through, I could see the Lord lifting up Ginda’s head.  She was overcoming the stronghold of alcoholicism

 the physical loss of her husband and through the spirit and life that the Word of God brings. Through her husband’s   throughdeath Ginda found resurrection life out of alcoholism. Fast forwarding, Ginda’s story is one of great victory! Her young daughter was released back into her custody by the courts, she began working, obtained a car and she acquired her own apartment.  


God made it crystal clear to me that He wanted me to establish a ministry to aid other women in overcoming life controlling issues by His grace and through His Word. He brought to my remembrance that there were other Christian women that I knew, particularly Diane Carter-Bryant and Jacqueline Younger who had overcome so many life controlling situations and were shining stars of what God’s grace will do. I was led to ask Diane Carter-Bryant to take a leadership role in perpetuating what God did for Ginda in the lives of other women in situations like hers. 

The Women Overcoming Now (W.O.N.) Ministry was officially launched on May 21, 2016. Right after being the guest speaker at the kick-off event for W.O.N., Jacqueline Younger came alongside us to work as a part of the W.O.N. team. We had an awesomely God glorifying kick-off event with nearly 135 women, most were from local homeless shelters, halfway houses, substance abuse residential centers and transitional housing programs in attendance.  We experienced the life-changing presence of Almighty God in that atmosphere!

November 12, 2016, we celebrated the six-month anniversary of W.ON.  Again, more than 100 women came together for “The Gathering: Changed!” Once again, we were empowered by the awesome presence of God, His Word, testimonies of other women and sisterhood fellowship.

Yes, God keeps giving me great
 vision for W.O.N!  Currently, we are preparing for the one-year anniversary of W.O.N. on a yacht, where God wants to have, “A Dialogue with His Daughters!” God spoke to Mari Anderson, Assistant Pastor of Good Success Church, saying “I want a dialogue with my daughters.”  So, there we have it, the theme for the first anniversary!  We’re excited because Pastor Anderson will be one of the anointed facilitators/speakers at the event!  

W.O.N. is in the heart of so many people.  We encourage you to come on board with us, as we establish God’s Covenant in the earth through this great movement called, “W.O.N.!” (Women Overcoming Now)